These pages contain a reference of the Oracle data dictionary. This information is generated with the help of the database itself using the tables DICT and DICT_COLUMNS. In case you're wondering, the version 9.2 was used to generated these pages.

The easiest way to navigate to a specific table is probably to use the menu above. Please note the menu might take a little while to load, as the data dictionary itself contains roughly 1200 tables. If you know the table you are looking for, you can enter it's URL directly, all tables are named tables/TABLE_NAME.html

For those of you just browsing, the index contains a list of all keywords, generated by tokenizing all table and column names on the "_" character, so you can expect to find ALL_CONS_COLUMNS indexed under the keywords ALL, CONS and COLUM. The last keyword is COLUM and not COLUMN, because I've taken the liberty to group serveral keywords together to make things easier to navigate.

In case your browser doesn't understand Javascript or you would like a giant table of contents page containing all tables and a short description to search over, you can find that here

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